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Coach Vaillant was born in France. He holds two master degrees from French top engineer school Ecole Centrale Paris and the University of California Davis. He had a successful business career in the Silicon Valley where he was a serial entrepreneur, founding and building 5 successful companies. From 2008 to 2015, he was appointed as the Vice Consul of Monaco in San Francisco. While well-grounded in the physical world, Vaillant had a powerful mystical experience at age 19, and since then, has done many spiritual explorations. He is well-versed in shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, esoteric Christianity and psychology. He has traveled in over 50 countries and he is dedicated to help people to remember who they truly are: a powerful spiritual being having a human experience. Vaillant is highly intuitive and can pinpoint what is blocking you in your current life. He guides clients with unconditional love & presence to discover their deepest shadow so that they may start healing and integrating their unresolved fragments. His coaching & healing practice and writing focuses on trauma healing, relationship counseling (he was married with spiritual luminary and YouTube star Teal Swan), executive coaching and breaking free of any type of mind control.

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Coach Vaillant est né en France. Il est diplômé de l’École Centrale Paris et de l’université de Davis en Californie. Il a eu une carrière professionnelle riche dans la Silicon Valley où il a été un entrepreneur brillant qui a créé 5 entreprises prospères. De 2008 à 2015, il était le Vice-Consul de la principauté de Monaco à San Francisco. Bien que bien ancré dans le monde physique, Vaillant a eu une puissante expérience mystique à l’âge de 19 ans, et depuis lors, a fait de nombreuses explorations spirituelles. Il connaît bien le chamanisme, le bouddhisme, l’hindouisme, le christianisme ésotérique et la psychologie. Il a voyagé dans plus de 50 pays et il se consacre à aider les gens à se rappeler qui ils sont vraiment: un être spirituel puissant ayant une expérience humaine. Vaillant est très intuitif et peut identifier ce qui vous bloque dans votre vie actuelle. Il guide les clients avec un amour et une présence inconditionnels à aller profondément en eux afin qu’ils puissent commencer à guérir et à intégrer leurs fragments non résolus. Sa pratique de coaching et de guérison et ses écrits se concentrent sur la guérison des traumatismes, le conseil relationnel (il était marié avec la YouTube star spirituelle Teal Swan), le coaching de dirigeant et la libération de toute forme de contrôle mental.

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  1. Hi. I can’t access yr blog anymore. Is the password only for close friends?
    Pls let me know the process .


  2. Thank you for stepping up and helping Teal articulate her message and intentions. Wish we would all be lucky enough to have someone do it all for us too. She is blessed to have you.

  3. I would love to know if your traveling spot is still available and if so, what have you envisioned? I’d like to start a #Lead With Love talking session. I am gifted with communication and love. It is my turn to receive all it has to offer. Your establishment sounds heavenly!

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Bridgette Jones 💜💙✨🧚‍♀️

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