One thousand and one nights with Teal

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GoingSeparateDirectionsA couple of years ago, when I fell in love with Teal, I would have given up everything to spend one day with her. My deepest wish was fulfilled and I was not granted one day but one thousand and one. However, unlike Schahriar and Sheherazade who sealed their union for eternity after one thousand and one nights, Teal and I are now separating and taking a different path. Destiny feels cruel when you are asked to leave the woman you love. There is nowhere to go but to the God within us to start healing, and ask for guidance for the rest of our journey here on earth.

As I start mending my broken heart, feelings of gratitude emerge. I never loved anyone as much as Teal and I was never loved by anyone as much as she did. A life without love is not worth living, and for this alone my life mattered. My memories with her will be mine forever and this is teaching me one more time to never take anyone for granted. She is a gorgeous woman but her heart is even more beautiful that her physical appearance. We lived our passion to the fullest during the time we were together. Just looking at her always brought smile to my face as I saw her as the most exquisite thing on this planet. I have gained so much during the 33 months we were together. Actually, these 33 months feel more like 33 years. First, she cracked me open and forced me into my authenticity after living a codependent life. This blessing would however make me lose the woman I love as it surfaced some incompatibilities we were not able to work through. As she could see inside of me, she supported me to get back to optimal health as I lost 30 pounds and I have never felt as healthy as today. I became vegetarian and sensitive to animal cruelty thanks to her. Previously, I had wanted to become vegetarian but was never able to make the transition. I loved her spontaneity, her vibrancy and aliveness. These are qualities I want to develop very much in myself. Teal is remarkably intelligent and she has also an amazing ability to articulate her thoughts in a way that is easily understandable. I learned so much with her in so many aspects of life. I now see and understand the world differently. She always has fun facts about anything. She is an encyclopedia in herself. She helped me transition from a human doing to a human being and reconnect to the important things of life. She actually set me back on my path. I also learned a lot from all of our struggles. Both of us are deeply introspective and that allowed us to gain wisdom from the difficulties we experienced.

Our break-up is so difficult not because we stopped loving each other but because we still love each other though we understand we have to take a different road. During this time of grieving, we are asking every one of you to be sensitive to our pain to make our healing easier. Un-pairing with someone we love deeply is one of most difficult experience in this earthy existence. When we fall in love, the beloved reflects to us the parts of us to develop. She showed me my light, my potential and my capacity to love. Now that my most magnificent mirror is going away, I am only left to actualize these qualities within myself.

We all go through difficult times in love relationships, and we have a tendency to lose sight of the all the exquisite moments we shared together. For this reason, I would like to share many beautiful memories that are still held preciously in my heart.

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34 thoughts on “One thousand and one nights with Teal

  1. We love you man. Your heart is true and love will find you. Loving someone who has a public presence is hard. Yoi have to share them with their public and with their mission. Be Blessed, you are a blessing to me!

  2. Ale, I am sending my most heartfelt expression of emotional support to both of you at this time. I understand just how deeply painful it can be to separate from the one we love.. our perfect mirror. I know how hopelessly frustrating and saddening it is when irreconcilable differences of incompatibility and life paths surface in our relationship and I’ve felt the bittersweet surrender that comes when so clearly we are being asked to let go and let go and let go so that our hearts may heal.

    • What I mean to say is that I feel your pain and I see you both. I am sending love and support wherever it is needed most.

  3. I am so sorry to hear but have felt it coming or it was in the process I do love you both and pray y can both move on on your path heal and keep all the lessons from all you both learned and experienced that is what we are here for I am learning . Blessing love and light as y both move on

  4. I am very sorry to hear this. I will support you both where I can. And will light a candle for you both to support in this transition. All strength, love to you both in going your different path.

    With love,
    Sharon Joana

  5. Wow Ale, that is beautiful. What a loving, compassionate and wise way to go about it. You can be proud of yourself. Thank you for sharing.

  6. The gift of your presence is beautiful and monumental, brother.. and in this way, you will fully discover this <3

  7. Ale, thank you for sharing so deeply and authentically. Thank you for your journey and enriching the journeys of so many! Thank you for allowing.
    You are family no matter where you go and with whom. You are a Man of Kind. You are a healing yourself.

  8. To you both with great love

    You stand upon a height of land
    You see the horizon in every direction
    You feel the past you’ve clung to
    The emotions engulfing & buffeting you
    The vista is gorgeous and immense
    Too immense when love feels like it breaks on the rocks of the sea below
    And yet it is calling you in rays of sun
    There is a wind buffeting you now
    Swirling about
    Pushing you
    Such a height you have reached
    So alone and not alone
    Do not climb down from this height
    Do not fall to the rocks below
    Let these winds of change bless you
    So deep so pure so effortless
    Listen to your purity
    Your freedom
    There is no resistance now
    You can cast yourself into that wind

  9. There are really no words that come to this mire mind that I feel will express my understanding of this post by you, which is primarily felt. I hold space for you both and can only be accepting and loving in return.

  10. I saw the difficulty and I saw the love. You are both special, precious individuals whom I believed would/could work through it. And you are, but not as either of us imagined you would. I send energy towards comfort in your grieving, as well as renewed strength in whatever comes next.

  11. Ale
    When I met you in Vancouver when you guys were here. I got to spend some time with you at the volunteers picnic. You were so lovely in so many ways . Your vibration was so beautiful. It inspired me to grow and become better. The love of my life had just passed on and those were my darkest days. What you just wrote just confirms what I said. I wish you both well and I look forward to your future contributions and posts. Many blessings sweet soul. love jan

  12. I’m sorry but it was clear since the beginning (and by what she did to Sarbdeep). She is a mentally ill person, most probably pathological narcissist. Again, I’m very sorry because I know how is it to be in love with these kind of people. They are slowly destroying everything around themselves, though acting like the are the best persons in the world.

    • Do you really and truly think this comment was appropriate at a time like this? Your opinion is only that and is extremely insensitive and hurtful! Seems like you’re projecting a lot more so than you even realize! Everyone’s experiences are not the same as yours. You can only identify with your own personal experiences and even that is just your perspective. If Ale had chosen to be vile and express himself as you assume he’s feeling I’m pretty sure he would have done that. I think you owe him an apology.

  13. This is so beautiful vaillant!! You’re such an inspirational man. I really look up to you and teal so much! much love and gentleness in this time of recovery for you xx

  14. She has deleted you and mention of you from all social media, as have her crew and assistants.
    May you find the healing you need.

  15. I just seen the video of you and Teal every day life…wow.If learned a lot. And after that I see this hartbreaking but somehow logical story of you and Teal ending your relationship. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for being you. And Teal for being Teal.

  16. Life is fair Ale…we have to be fair to it too. I hope time will heal and time will tell what was meant to be is what is in the now. Fire has to be respected Ale. Respectful distance needs be maintained. Cause from a distance it heals and when in promiscuous proximity; kills!
    Have a safe journey through the vagaries of life.
    To have held and to behold…a magical fable remembered yet untold!

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  19. Looking over these beautiful photos, I see something repeatedly in each of them while examining your emotions through your eyes, smile, expressions, positions and general feeling… Your intense love for her. But Teal does not have that same spark… Her interests seem to be more for the camera and the way she positions herself towards it. I am truly sorry for your loss after 33 months, but I am not surprised. She did not deserve you!

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